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We produce unique parts such as medium and large tanks, structures, pipes and all types of industrial machinery.
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We offer TIG and MIG welding depending on the needs and specifications of the client and the final result to be obtained.
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Surface treatment

Finishing of carbon and stainless steel sheet metal by galvanising, liquid and baked paint, passivation, shot blasting, etc.
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Depending on the material and the needs of the product (finish, type, calibre and intended use) we opt for different types of cutting.

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We carry out the bending that best suits the type of sheet metal, its thickness and the bending radius.
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Industrial punching

Technique used in sheet metal forming, which allows us to cut, perforate and form carbon steel and stainless steel sheets.
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Without chip removal (bending and folding). With chip removal (turning, milling, drilling and grinding).

welding control by non-destructive testing

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